It is sometimes difficult to understand why a swimmer has been rejected from a competition when they have achieved a qualifying time and you have sent your entry off early. We will try and explain some of the process involved for meet organisers.

The ASA have ultimate control over competitions and race organisers have to strictly follow all rules. The ASA run competitions all over the country and a “level 2” meet in Derbyshire will have the same conditions to meet as a “level 2 meet” any where else in the country.

When a host club apply to hold a licensed meet they will have minimum entry times and cut off times that conform with ASA regulations, they will be unable to change these times otherwise they will loose there license. Along with this they will also be told the maximum number of entries they can have in each age group. For example, Girls  10 years 100m freestyle, could have a maximun number of swimmers allowed in that age group, say 25, if however you meet the race conditions but are ranked 26th you will still be rejected. This becomes even more difficult when we get near to Regional and National cut off times as stronger swimmers from all over Derbyshire and the North West will be looking for competitions to enter to gain times to get them to these events. These swimmers are prepared to travel long distances to cut off 100th of a second to gain their entry time to these events.

More and more clubs are now using the “Sports Entry System” for competitions. This system only recognises times recorded in licensed meets so times gained at Club Champs or club leagues may not be accepted at all competitions, especially the higher level meets. However the committee and coaches are working hard to plan for suitable Galas for all Buxton Swimmers to attend to get suitable times over the next year.