At least 2 pairs of goggles,

Racing trunks + spare racing trunks,

Racing hat (preferably a club hat) + spare,

Team kit, t-shirt,

Shorts or bottoms,

Poolside Shoes / footwear,

Towels (more than one),

Plenty of Drinks,

Correct foods, (see nutrition, coaches corner)

Race cards / information


Stick to the competition plan published by the coaching team

Check date and venue

Check warm up time(s)

Prepare properly, no chocolate or alcohol (see nutrition, coaches corner)

Coaches will have adapted training accordingly


Turn up on time, at least 15 mins before warm up

Attend with checklist above, completed

Before the warm up, check with the coach(es) to see if they have a set warm up

Before every race you swim, see the coach(es)

After every race you swim, see the coach(es)

Tell the coach(es) and/or team manager of your movements during the gala (toilet etc)

After your last race, swim down and see the coach(es) before you leave


Be noisy and supportive of every swimmer, swimming for Buxton! Silence when the referee blows their whistle!

Do your best and swim to the best of your ability!