Thinking about joining?  Buxton Swimming Club cater for all levels of swimmers from the complete beginner to those who swim at county, regional, national and international level.  You don’t have to be a great swimmer to join us, all we ask is that you love swimming and want to be part of a club that wants to have fun.  We do place an emphasis on competitive swimming, but we also cater for those who just want to stay fit and healthy.

Are you a complete beginner or need to complete lessons?  We have a learn to swim programme based on the Swim England National Plan for Teaching Swimming, with an emphasis on competition skills.  Lessons are held on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

If your child has completed all stages they will be placed in one of our squads after assessment by our Senior or Head Coach.  If your child hasn’t swum in a club environment they may well be placed in a squad below the intended squad until they build up sufficient stamina.

If you are interested in joining us and require more information, please use the “contact us” section and one of our committee members or coaches will get back to you.


Lesson and Training fees are worked out as an annual fee taking into account various holiday breaks throughout the year. To make payments easier, we have broken down the annual payment into 12 equal monthly payments.

Fees are collected by Direct Debit around the 7th of every month. Direct Debit  details can be found in your membership pack and are also included in every invoice email. No other payment methods are accepted.


All swimmers incur an annual fee payable in September at the start of the season. In addition there is a Swim England membership fee payable in January which covers Swim England, Derbyshire ASA / East Midlands ASA registration, and individual insurance for the swimmer. The fees may adjusted if you join mid way through the year, depending on start date.


Group Fee per Month Hours per Week Annual Membership Swim England Membership
Stage 1-4 Lessons £29 0.5 £20 *
Academy 1 £31 1 £25 *
Academy 2 £34 2 £25 £21.50 or £42**
Academy 3 £41 2.5 £25 £42
Competition 1 £42 3.5 £25 £42
Competition 2 £58 7 £25 £42
Competition 3 £58 7 £25 £42
Competition 4 £74 9.75 £25 £42
Masters / Junior PT 1 Session per week
£26 / £21
1 £25 £21.50 or £42***
Masters / Junior PT 2 Sessions per week
£31 / £26
2 £25 £21.50 or £42***
Masters 2 Sessions per week £36 2 £25 £21.50 or £42***
Annual Only £0 £25 £42
SE Paid Elsewhere £0 £25 £0
Masters / Junior PT / Volunteer / Helper / Coach Uplift to competitive swimming £25
Volunteer / Helper / Coach – £5 discount if you also swim

* For our Stage 1-4 and Academy 1 swimmers we have invested in a separate swimming insurance policy in order to reduce costs, so these swimmers aren’t directly registered with Swim England until they move up to AC2 or above.

** Club Train is £21.50 for training and low level competition, Club Compete is £42. All AC3 & Competition swimmers are Club Compete. AC2 transition to Club Compete and charged the difference when begin competing.

*** Masters can choose but must be Club Compete to enter competition other than level 4, eg Club Championships.